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Dutch Verbs

Dutch Verb Conjugations logo iOS App

Shows and recognizes the many different conjugations of all verbs in the Dutch language. This unique and  free Android app knows all irregular Dutch verbs and language rules (plus all exceptions!) that apply when conjugating Dutch verbs.

Never make a d/t/dt spelling error again when writing Dutch with this app.

“Super app !! if you wanna learn dutch this is the best program. Thanks guys ; )”

“Good Very useful”

“Dutch verbs Amazing app”

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Dutch Definite Articles

lidwoorden nederlands app logo

Learn everything about the definite article of all nouns in the Dutch language.

Every noun in the Dutch language has either ‘de’ or ‘het’ as its definite article: de slager, het vlees, etc. Unfortunately, there are few rules and many exceptions when to select ‘de’ or ‘het’. So to avoid awkward spelling mistakes and write and speak Dutch like a pro, you have to memorize the definite article of many common Dutch nouns.

“love it”

“Indispensable. Esta app es indispensable cuando se está aprendiendo neerlandés. Muy recomendable tenerla a mano junto con la de los verbos. ¡Gracias a los desarrolladores!”

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Dutch Syllables

Knowing the syllables of Dutch verb helps you to correctly determine the stem and other conjugations. For other Dutch words, knowledge of hyphenation is necessary to pronounce the word correctly in Dutch or to determine the plural form.

Learn to hyphenate Dutch words

This unique and free Android apps shows both syllables and pronounciation hints for vowels for almost every word in the Dutch language. Including thousands of long and concatenated words. You can enter a single word or paste a section of Dutch text, which you want to learn to pronounce and understand better.

“Excellent, it is very nice prgramme to have it in my mobile.”

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Ei-ij Spelling Dutch

A spelling error with ei and ij is easily made, because in Dutch they sound exactly the same. There is no easy solution, as many times both ways of spelling are a valid Dutch word like steil (steep) and stijl (style), so a spelling checker won’t notice your mistake.

This unique and free Android app knows over 8,000 Dutch words containing ei or ij. If your spelling is correct, a brief description is shown so you can check if either ‘steil’ or ‘stijl’ best fits the Dutch text you are writing.

“Best ever Useful, practice and unique in this rank! I have just started learn this language and I can openly say that it is super fantastic!”

“Genial Mugusta mucho”

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Horzono time zones and world clock

When contacting your family, friends and colleagues all over the globe, this app helps you with the right time in all time zones.

Horzono knows about different timezones within one country (and sometimes within one state or province) and automatically applies any of the (16!) different flavors of daylight saving time for you.

Select any of over 9,000 cities from which you want to watch the local time. And compare the time differences between up to 8 of them in an interactive diagram. For your business contacts, Horzono indicates if any of your chosen locations might be closed due to weekend or national public holiday.

“Very useful and well made Very informative and helpful”


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Vortoserc word search puzzle game

The most flexible and versatile free word find Android app.

Unique difficulty levels and over ten thousand words for many hours puzzle fun.

With the option to add your own word search words, free, to have even more special word search challenges. Enjoy!

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