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Dutch Definite Article app

This unique app helps you train the definite article, “de” or “het” for almost every Dutch noun. There are only a few rules, with many exceptions, so you have to learn many nouns by heart to master Dutch like a native speaker.

Quiz mode: test your knowledge

Test and expand your knowledge of Dutch definite articles: guess if ‘de’ or ‘het’ belongs in front of any of 10 to 50 Dutch nouns.

You can start with the most frequently used and basic words (1 dot), ideal if you are new to this language. Or test your knowledge of the more rare and/or ancient Dutch words (3 dots), if you dare!

Introduction video (Dutch)

A step-by-step demonstration of all functions of this unique Dutch language spelling app in just 1 minute:

How about all Dutch definite articles on your smartphone?

Free download of this unique Dutch definite articles of all nouns app here for every Android phone or tablet. Works also offline, without Wifi or other internect connection. A great companion if you are learning the Dutch language in school or via a training course.

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