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Dutch Definite Articles Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how the unique, free Dutch Definite Article app for Android from Prosults Studio deals with your information and information about you.

Android Permissions

During installation, the Dutch Definite Articles app asks you permission for: Network access. This is used exclusively for Google Play Service, like refreshing advertisements on the bottom of the screen. This app will continue to function if no network is available e.g. in airplane mode or in an area without wifi or data roaming.


This information about percentages your score per difficulty level of the Dutch noun quiz, remain in a protected part of the Android memory, only accessible for the Dutch Definite Articles Android app. These data are yours and will never be shared and also not analysed by the Dutch Definite Articles app e.g. for targeted advertising.

No tracking

Dutch Definite Articles does not record when, where and how you use this language app and what search actions for Dutch nouns on the 18,000 words large database you perform. Also, crashes or other malfunctions are not recorded. Therefore it is important if you report errors, if your Android device asks you to do so. You can also send an e-mail to Prosults Studio, if you have a question or suggestion for improvement. Our mail address can be found on the app page in the Google Play store (which the link at the bottom of this page points to). Both of these actions are completely your choice and if you choose to do so, you determine which information you share to improve this app.

Do you want to be sure of making no spelling mistakes when choosing ‘de’ or ‘het’ as article in front of a Dutch noun?

Click here for the Android app that helps you memorize the right definite article for all your words in written or spoken Dutch. Ideal to have on your smartphone if you are learning the Dutch language at school in The Netherlands or Belgium or if you are attending a language course or class.