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Dutch verbs app

It is not easy to correctly spell Dutch verbs. You need to know when a conjugation ends with a -d, a -t or -dt. And if a verb is regular (zwak) or irregular (sterk). Apart from that, there are many exceptions you need to know.

With this app you can easily check the spelling of every Dutch verb. A great companion if you are learning Dutch at school or via a language course.

All functions of this unique Dutch language spelling app clearly demonstrated in 30 seconds:

Help with Dutch conjugations you don’t find in a dictionary

Not only can you enter an unconjugated verb (or: infinitive) or paste it from an e-mail or webpage, but also every conjugation. So not only: “lopen”, but also: “loopt”, “liep”, “gelopen” or “lopende”.
Prefixes in front of verbs are no problem, for instance: “teruggelopen” or “weglopen”. Just enter “liep op” and the app immediately tells you that this conjugation is the single past tense of the Dutch verb “oplopen”. Something you won’t find in a dictionary and will take you hours to find via Google.

All Dutch grammatical rules and verb exceptions built in

In case of verbs like “doorlopen”, for which there exist two variants that are each pronounced and conjugated differently, you automatically get a choice menu. To help you choose, for each alternative verb the syllable that is pronounced with emphasis is highlighted and a brief description is shown.

For a verb with a partial conjugation, like “regenen” only the valid conjugations are shown. This is just one of the ways this app helps you to deal with the many strange and inconsistent ways Dutch verbs are conjugated. So you don’t have to make these mistakes in your written Dutch anymore.

Apart from all conjugations or verb forms of the Dutch verb you selected, the six Dutch perfect, conditional and future tenses are shown.
Finally, the most important grammatical rules that apply to the verb are shown, like for past tense the: ‘t ex-kofschip rule. This will allow you to better understand how Dutch verbs are conjugated.

Need the correct conjugation of a Dutch verb right now?

You are one click away from the unique Dutch conjugations webapp. Works on every browser, also on iPhone or iPad. With all Dutch verbs you will ever need.

Would you like all functions from the video on your smartphone?

Free download of this unique Dutch verb spelling app here for every Android phone or tablet. With a built-in database of over 12,600 verbs, this app needs no internet connection.

Download our Dutch Verbs app on your smartphone or tablet today!