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Ei-ij Spelling Dutch app

In Dutch the ‘ei’ and ‘ij’ sound exactly the same. It is very easy to make an embarrasing spelling error, if you write down a word you heard. Your Dutch spelling checker might help, but not when there are two words in the Dutch language, one with ‘ei’ and one with ‘ij’, which mean different things. Peiler (someone who gauges or measures) and pijler (pillar) being just one of many examples.

Avoid awkward mistakes when spelling ei- and ij-words in Dutch

With this app you can easily check your spelling of every Dutch word with ‘ei’ or ‘ij’.

You can enter one or more words or paste a section of your text. The words with ‘ei’ or ‘ij’ are detected and marked. For each word, if it exists in the Dutch language, a brief description is shown. Likewise for the alternative word, with ‘ei’ replaced by ‘ij’ or the other way around. The descriptions enable you to select the word which is not only correctly spelled but fits the context of your Dutch text.

Introduction Video

A clear demonstration of all functions of this unique Dutch spelling app in 30 seconds:

Dutch ei-ij spelling checking on your smartphone

From Google Play you can download this unique and free Android app, helping you with all Dutch words containing ei or ij. With a built-in database of over 7,000 words, this app needs no internet connection. A great companion for school or Dutch language class.