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GIF Viewer app: user interface

single tap gesture within the GIF Viewer Extra Android appSingle Tap: show/hide navigation

GIF Viewer player free app for Android

If you tap once in the center of an animation or image showing in your GIF-Viewer Extra app, then the navigation bars on the top and bottom of the screen appear.

Tap again in the center section of the screen and the navigation disappears. In this way your favorite animations play in full-screen immersive mode, using every pixel of the screen of your smartphone. So you can enjoy your GIF collection without any distraction.

Single Tap: next/previous animation or image

Tap on the right side of the screen and the next GIF animation or image will show, within your current selection. Tap once on the left side of the screen and the previous file will be shown. This works also while in slideshow mode.

If the end or start of the selection is reached, a message is shown and the current animation is shown again. With the Preference “Continue with first file at end of selection” checked, you can loop through your selection of files endlessly.

swipe gesture to select next or privous GIF animation within the GIF Viewer player app for AndroidSwipe: previous/next GIF file

If you swipe the screen to the right, your previous file will be shown again. And swiping to the left shows the next GIF animation or image in your selection.

This also works while in slideshow mode.

double-tap gesture on the screen of the GIF Viewer Extra Android appDouble Tap: start/stop slideshow

If you tap twice quickly, anywhere on the screen, the slideshow mode starts. This is indicated by a Play icon in orange, which is shown briefly.

Double-tap again on the screen and the slideshow stops. This is indicated by showing an orange Pause icon briefly.

You can also start/stop the slideshow via the Play/Pause buttons in the toolbar or in the sidebar menu.

spread to zoom out gesture on the screen of the GIF-Viewer Extra Android appSpread: zoom out

To enlarge a GIF or WebP animation, touch the screen with two fingers and spread them apart. You can view an animation or image up to twice the original size (200%) in this way.

This is ideal to fill the screen with a small detail of your favorite GIF file.

Zooming out only works on the current animation. Any following GIF animation or image (e.g. in slideshow mode) is shown in it’s original size.

multi-touch drag while zoomed out gesture on the screen of the GIF-Viewer Extra Android appDrag after Spread: choose the center of your GIF

After you have enlarged your animation, you can drag in any direction. This allows you to put any part of the GIF animation in the center of your smartphone screen.

Dragging only works if two of your fingers touch the screen at the same time.

You can’t drag an image (partly) out of view. This means that dragging won’t work on files played/shown at original size (not enlarged).

pinch to zoom in gesture on the screen of the GIF=Viewer Extra Android appPinch: zoom back in again

An enlarged image can be made smaller by two fingers that touch the screen and move towards each other.

You can’t make a GIF animation smaller than it’s original display size. At least two edges must be in contact with borders of the frame at all times.

Toolbar: access to all menu optionstoolbar of the GIF Viewer Extra animation player app for Android

The GIF Viewer Extra app toolbar is visible on top of the screen. If not, then tap once in the center of the image shown or animation playing (see above).

Three of the five menu options are hidden behind the overvlow menu: three vertical dots.

A list of all menu options of this app appears if you tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the left side of the toolbar. This will show the sidebar, covering the left part of the screen.

With the Folder selection menu choice you change your selection of GIF animations, from app internal storage only.

Within Folder selection, you can edit your collection of animations and images in Gif Viewer app memory: add folders via the + button. Or in edit mode (tap on the pencil icon) copy, move or delete selected files and/or folders (including sub-folders.

Via Import, you add new GIF/WEBP or images to the app memory, so you can view them. Select one or multiple files from any folder on your device or Google Drive. Or bulk import via selecting a .zip-file with animations or images or select an entire folder on your device: all files, sub-folders and files in these sub-folders will be imported in one go.

Tapping on Preferences give access to the many options to adapt the behavior of this app to your wishes.

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