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GIF Viewer Extra app

GIF Viewer player free app for Android

With this unique app you can easily play all GIF and WEBP animations on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Unique features

✔ Fast and smooth playback. Uses the latest technology to offer the highest image quality and minimize the chance that your device crashes. Tested with a set of over 9,000 GIF and WEBP animations, each with an average file size of 1.5 MB.
Immersive fullscreen mode. Use every pixel on your HD screen to display your animations.
✔ Zoom in with a pinch while playing. Then drag to see all details of the most interesting part more closely. Up to 4x zoom.
Slow motion. Adjust the playback speed of your animations from 4 times slower than normal to 2 times faster.
✔ Slideshow. Easily start and stop via double-click. You select how long each GIF plays.
✔ Start from the beginning or random sequence, so you see a different GIF play first every time you open the app.
✔ Long battery life. Programming ptimized native routines together with using graphics hardware ensures low battery usage.
✔ No internet connection needed. Runs always and everywhere, also in flight/airplane mode.
✔ No permissions required. Our app only uses it’s own internal memory to store your files. You have full control which files are Imported. We don’t need access to your gallery, contacts, location or Google Drive content. Nothing is shared with other users. The GIF Viewer Extra app respects your privacy!
✔ Your imported files are hidden from other apps, like Gallery or Files. Ideal to enjoy your private animations and photos.

Extra options to make the most out of your animations.
✔ Screen does not dim. So you can enjoy a slideshow as long as you like, without touching the screen every few minutes.
✔ Also play .JPG and .PNG images. You can choose to mix animations and pictures in your slideshow. Or select images only.
✔ Pin-code, to prevent other users of your phone to accidentally see your private GIF files. You will automatically get a second pin-code, which gives access to a separate folder in Gif Viewer app memory. You can use this to show some animations or images to your friends via Gif Viewer, while keeping other files absolutely private.
✔ Animated previews. See all your GIFs play at the same time while browsing a folder (requires a high-end smarthpone for smooth viewing).

GIF collection on your device: convenient and secure

Our GIF Viewer Extra app requires your animations to be stored inside the app’s storage. That requires a few extra steps to get your GIF files there, but has several advantages:

  • No internet connection needed: this app runs everywhere, regardless of WiFi strength or mobile internet access. Viewing your GIFs in airplane mode is no problem at all.
  • Nothing shared via “the cloud”: so no data leaks, no stolen files and no one collecting data when and how many times you view a specific (type of) animation. Your files and data about how you use them are yours. We don’t need or want to know. And we also don’t need your location or contacts, by the way. Security of your data is on top of our mind. See our Data Privacy Policy of this unique GIF player app for Android.
  • No animation downloads: saves many MB of your data bundle. A high resolution GIF file can be 4 MB or more in size. This means that browsing through your collection of, say, 250 animations can cost you 1 GB of mobile data. 
  • Fast: all (random) selections and pre-processing of the animations are done in the memory of your Android smartphone or tablet only. No waiting for websites or internet services behind the scenes.

Any questions or suggestions?

GIF Viewer player free app for Android

Feel free to send an e-mail to Prosults Studio, if you have a question or suggestion for improvement of this app for Android. Our mail address can be found on the GIF Viewer Extra app page in the Google Play store. You can also use the contact form of this site.

Get our unique and flexible GIF/WEBP Viewer app for Android

Click below to get this free animation player on your Android phone or tablet. Enjoy your GIF collection wherever you go!