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GIF Viewer: select animations in the app

GIF Viewer player free app for Android

If your favorite animations (or images) are imported in the right folder within the app’s  internal storage, let’s select them to view in our app.

Start folder selection

As default, you see the three GIF files bundled with the app. Tap on the center of the screen to make the toolbar visible, then tap on the folder icon:

toolbar with folder icon of GIF-Viewer animation player app for Android

Now you can browse and structure the app storage with your collection of GIFs etc.:

The default selection is the top-level or root folder of the app internal memory. This is indicated by the Gif Viewer icon followed by > and nothing else. Tap on the app icon to return to this folder level.
Tap on a folder name with the green background to open it. Tap on any animation icon to open it full-screen and see file name and file size. In this view an animation automatically starts playing and you can zoom in and drag/move around using two fingers.

Create folder

Both folders ‘myAnimations’ and ‘myImages’ were created earlier by tapping on the + button on the bottom right. You can create a new sub-folder like this:

A folder name must start with a letter or underscore. Spaces and special characters like ? and * are not allowed. The length of the folder name must be at least 1 character and no more than 16 characters.

Select folder

After tapping on the icon of the newly created ‘gearwheels’ folder, it opens and is automically selected. As the selection bar now contains: Gif Viewer icon > myAnimations > technical > gearwheels:

If you now close this screen by tapping on the X (top-right), then this empty folder is selected as starting point for browsing or slideshows. Instead of showing nothing, the app shows the three familiar built-in animations as default.

Populate folder via edit mode

There are two ways to fill this new folder with your animations or images: Import or Edit Mode: copy/paste (create duplicate) or cut/paste (move) from another folder in app storage.
You start edit mode via tapping on the pencil icon on the top right:

Tap on the “DCIM” tile and after that on the “gifviewer” and “animations” tile to view this:

If you close this screen via the X icon on the top right or the back button (triangle icon on the bottom left), this folder is automatically selected. The first animation will start playing, while the toolbar and other parts of the navigation are made invisible.

Selection options

If you want another than the first animation to be shown, double tap on it.

The folder name currently shown (“animations”), plus the path within internal memory, is shown on top of the screen after “Selection:”.

A single tap on the green “gifviewer” icon will select the higher level folder, relative to this one.

A single tap on an animation will briefly show its file name and file size.

Setting Preferences allow you to also include sub-folders in the selection and/or have your GIF or WebP animations shown in random order.

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