Horzono free timezones world clock app

Now available via Google Play: the most flexible time-zone comparison and world clock app for Android.

Know the right moment in all timezones with Horzono! No maps, no geographic coordinates, no time-zone GMT-numbers, no daylight saving time (DST) corrections: only the right time in every time zone. Always.

Always know the right time, globally

Pick your location and the places your family, friends or business partners reside, from the over 9,000 cities and towns in the Horzono database.

View the list with today’s local times for any number of locations you select. Calculated as accurate as possible:

  • automatically adjusted for any daylight saving time (DST) policy that might apply per country or province/state
  • any time differences between states in a country and even between cities in one state, are taken into account

Visualize time zone differences of up to 8 locations from your list. With the option to:

  • view alternative local times: what time should I call from London to avoid disturbing dinner in Sydney? etc.
  • select future dates, when local time might differ due to DST period ended or started in the meantime.

Introduction video

Know if Horzono is the right Android app for your travel and global business calls and see a demonstration of all app functions, in only 2.5 minutes:

Over 9,000 cities and towns

Easily find locations in the database:

  • by city or country namefor larger countries with multiple time-zones: by state or province name
  • by airport code (3 letters, IATA standard)
  • by country code plus area code of a telephone number (land-line)

Visualize overlap of time-zones

After getting correct local times and understanding how the time-zones of your locations relate to each other, Horzono offers even more value from this data: showing the best time-slots to contact your family, friends or business partners.

The green background behind the time-zone displays of the 4 locations in this example, indicates degrees of overlapping business hours, from 60% (light green) to 90-100% (dark green). Turn the wheel with your finger to quickly check the optimal times to set up calls or virtual meetings between your ‘home’ location (the widest circle) and all three remote ones.

App functions

  • An icon shows if a location is assumed not “open for business” due to weekend or national public holiday on the default (today) or selected date.
  • Per selected location, you can adjust the length of the default working day. This will help you visually select time periods when multiple locations across the globe can conveniently join teleconferences
  • Times displayed according to 12 or 24 hour clock
  • Circular or rectangular view to compare time-zones
  • Font size of texts can be changed
  • No internet needed: this app will still work when your device is in airplane mode or when no wifi or data roaming available.

All about time-zones

Horzono means time zone in the universal Esperanto language.

Time zones are not (only) determined by rotation of the earth but by decisions of over 240 national governments. Therefore, local times shown by this app might not always be perfectly accurate. You can expect periodic updates of this app, free of charge.

Download this free Android timezone world clock app here for your smartphone or tablet.