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Horzono iOS world clock App

Master time differences with ease. Quickly find the best moment to call with locations far away. Ideal for your international travels and global projects.

This free app offers the right time in over 10,000 cities from all countries. Always accurate, including daylight saving time, and needs no internet connection.

quickly find the best overlap to schedule a call

Find the best time for a call

Horzono select best time for a call with multiple time zones with iOS world clock app for iPhone

Drag the coloured bars to find the optimal time for a virtual meeting or call. The times you have selected are immediately shown behind the location names. And for your home location also on the top right of the bars, here 7:30 AM.

The selected local times correspond to the positions on the bars below the red triangle. The current time of all cities is indicated by the vertical red line.

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Tap location name to see details

Tap a city name to view the location details screen. Here you can:

  • Remove the location from the selection. So you can select another fifth city in this set.
  • Adjust the starting time and length of the coloured bar of this city. So it reflects the actual period your friends or colleagues are available.
  • Check if this location might not be available due to weekend or national public holiday.
  • See the local weather (only if Wifi or mobile internet is available).

Tap a grey home icon to set a new reference city

The Horzono app does not need to know your location. We respect your privacy. Instead, you set the reference point. Then Horzono does all time zone calculations for you.
Just make sure the ‘home’ icon is selected (coloured) in front of the city where you are now, or any city which you know has the same time as your iPhone.
If you travel, select another reference location when you arrive by tapping on a grey ‘home’ icon.

What-if time zone scenarios
To better understand time differences, you can select any city you like as reference. Questions like: “if it whas this time in Madrid, Spain, would it then be morning or afternoon in Bangalore, India?” can be answered with ease using the Horzono time zone compare app. Even from a totally different country than these two.

Pinch to see more or less hours of coloured bars

By default, the Horzono world clock app shows overap of time zones in a 12 hour wide window. You can zoom out to see a maximum of 16 hours at the same time. This helps to find the best overlapping time for locations very far from each other.
You can also zoom in to view a minimum of 8 hours, which makes selecting an exact time by dragging the coloured bars somewhat easier.

The number of visible hours you select this way is saved and can be different for every set of five locations.

Set available hours per location

A tap on any city name opens the Location Details window of the Horzono time zone calculator app. Here you find the option to adjust the period that you can contact this location. This immediately changes the position and length of the coloured bar for that location. In this way you can see the overlap in available hours for an international call based on realistic available hours per location.

Adjust default via Settings
The default availability period is 08:30 AM until 5:00 PM. You can adjust this via the Settings screen.

Same locations but different availability periods
In another set of five locations, you can select any location again and choose a different period. This helps you to select the best time for a call in case of an exceptionally late or early shift.

Check time differences on any future date

About 70 of the approximately 200 coutnries in the world, observe Daylight Saving Time (DST), also called ‘summer time’. This means changing the clock from end of spring until early autumn, for all or part of the country. The result is a one hour later sunset, which means less electricity is used for lighting in the evening.

DST: time differences can vary per day of the year
Not all countries have DST and the ones that do, use it during one of fifteen possible periods in the year. This means that the time difference between two locations can vary depending on which date it is. Luckily, the Horzono app automatically compensates for any applicable daylight saving time in any city, and handles all calculations for you.

Easily view times for a future date to be sure
To be certain that the two hour overlap between your working day and your colleagues abroad still exists next month, you can quickly check that with Horzono. Just tap on ‘Today’ to select any future date. This will immediately recalculate the local times of your selected locations, to reflect the time differences on that date.
As a bonus, the periods of daylight are recalculated to match the selected date, so you will notice a differently shaped day/night area on the world map.
To reset, you can either select today’s date or tap on the red triangle to the right of the date.

Regular database updates to stay accurate without internet connection
Daylight Saving Time periods and time zones are government decisions so changes occur from time to time. These will be included in our database in periodic new releases. This ensures that Horzono always calculates the correct time for every place on the globe, without needing Wifi or a mobile internet connection.

Open a new set of five locations

The Horzono world clock app only allows comparing the times between five cities at the same time. In case you have multiple virtual meetings, work in different shifts with colleagues far away or are planning several trips, just open a new set of five locations.

Light grey: empty slot to select a location
A coloured segment means that a city is selected in that set. A light grey circle indicates a completely empty set.

Free version: only two sets
The Horzono time zone comparison/world clock app offers two sets of five cities for free. With the full functionality of the app and use of the entire database; there are no time limits or other restrictions.
If you want to enjoy all five sets, to compare the local times in 5 x 5 cities and get rid of occasional advertisements, consider upgrading to the paid version.

Make your iPhone a time zone expert with Horzono