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Vortoserc add your own words

Create wordsearch puzzles with your own words, in any language you like. No extra payments or limitations: you can add tens of thousands of new words for free. In this way, Vortoserc is the only wordsearch app that gives you truly unique puzzles.

All you have to do is make a list of words in a spreadsheet program. Add a language name or code, a unique category name of your choice and optionally a description. Then import the spreadsheet easily in the Vortoserc app.

Spreadsheet format for extra Vortoserc wordsearch puzzle words

Collect your own extra puzzle words in an Open Document spreadsheet format with .ods extension. You can create that on any computer with the free Libre Office Calc program. If you already have Microsoft Excel installed, you can export any spreadsheet to this format with “Save As”.

A Vortoserc spreadsheet file has four columns and the first row contains column headers. This first header row is ignored, so you can use a column description in any language you like.

Any language code or name of the 67 supported by Vortoserc. This column must be filled.Optional.
Any category you like, in any language. If you leave this column blank, the new words will be added to the “general” category of the language you entered in the first column.
The new word that will appear in your wordsearch puzzles. In any language you like.
This column must be filled.
Optional. For very hard puzzles, where you search the word in the grid based on the description only. You can leave this column blank.
en_GBUK countiesMaidstoneCapital of Kent
englishNobel laureatesSchrödinger

Please mind the following:

  • Language: if you forget to fill this column, the new word will be added to the language of your phone or tablet. If your language is not supported yet, please let us know.
  • Category: optional and will be truncated after the maximum of 100 characters is reached. Shorter category names (up to 30 characters) are easier to select from the list in the app.
  • Word: must be a minimum of 4 letters or digits and will be truncated after the maximum of 50 characters is reached. Long words (20 characters or more) will very rarely fit in a puzzle grid so have a very low chance of appearing in your word search puzzle. Conversion to all uppercase letters and removing spaces is done automatically. Within a combination of language and category, a certain word can appear only once. Duplicates will be automatically skipped during import.
  • Description: optional and will be truncated after the maximum of 100 characters is reached. A short description will occupy less space in the puzzle grid, which will reduce scrolling.

You can combine as many words as you like, in many different languages and/or categories, in one spreadsheet. There is no need to keep words of the same language or category together. You can use multiple tabs, if that helps organize your words.

Sample .ods Vortoserc extra words spreadsheet

As an example or template you can download two, tested, sample Vortoserc spreadsheets, each containing multiple languages and categories:

Send Vortoserc spreadsheets to your Android device

After you have created an .ods spreadsheet with the free Libre Office Calc program or Excel on your PC or laptop, you must bring them to your Android smartphone or tablet. There are three ways to do this:

  1. E-Mail
    Attach the spreadsheet to a mail and send it to yourself (or to someone else enjoying Vortoserc wordsearch puzzles!). On your Android device, open the mail and download the attachment. Your file with extra words is now in the Android Downloads folder.
    Note: sample files you download from our website using your smartphone, also end up in the Android Downloads folder.
  2. Google Drive
    On your computer, move the .ods file(s) to the Google Drive folder. Then check on your Android smartphone or tablet if the files are visible via the Google Drive app. You might need a Wifi connection to synchronize files to your Android device.
  3. USB cable
    Connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC or laptop via a USB cable. Then drag the Vortoserc words spreadsheet to the DCIM (user documents and images) folder on your Android device.

Import extra words in the Vortoserc app

Tap on the three vertical dots to view additional menu options. Then select ‘Import Words’ and confirm you are ready to select spreadsheet files. This will start the standard Android File Picker app.
Tapping the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines top-left) will give access to the separate parts of your Android storage:

The numbers in red match the various ways of sending Vortoserc spreadsheet files to your Android smartphone or tablet. Tapping on the phone icon (3.) will give access to the DCIM folder.

You can only select files of the correct type (.ods Open Document spreadsheet). When tapping on a file, importing starts immediately. You will see a notification briefly to confirm this. On average, importing 200 words will take about one second.
After the import has completed, you will see a notification with the number of new words.
Zero new words can mean that you are importing a file for the second time.

Enjoy your own new word search puzzle words

Now select the new language(s) and/or new category(ies) you imported via Preferences.
Then go back to the main screen and request a new game by tapping on the ‘Refresh’ icon:

Check your recent import actions

If you are not sure if you have already imported a certain file, you can check the five most recent import actions via the ‘Help’ screen:

Removing imported words from the Vortoserc database

That is not possible. Just select other languages and/or categories and ignore the previoulsy imported words. The app database is designed for millions of words and puzzling will not slow down, regardless of how many extra words you imported.
If you do want to clean up, then the only option is to de-install Vortoserc, then install the app again from Google Play. Finally, import only the extra words you still like.

Enjoy truly endless wordsearch puzzling: with your own words, in any language of your choice!

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