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Vortoserc Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how the free Vortoserc Android word search game app from Prosults Studio deals with your information and information about you.

Android Permissions

During installation, the Vortoserc app does not ask you special permissions, because no privacy sensitive parts of your device or data need to be accessed.
What this app does require from your smartphone or tablet is:

  • Network access. This is used exclusively for Google Play Service, like refreshing advertisements. However, this app will continue to function if no network is available e.g. in airplane mode or in an area without Wifi or mobile internet. So you can enjoy wordsearch puzzles always and everywhere with Vortoserc.
  • Accessing the memory of your Android device and/or Google Drive. The only purpose of this is to optionally read Vortoserc spreadsheet files, for the purpose of importing new words, if you choose the ‘Import’ option. Selecting files is done via the standard Android file picker app, so fully under your control. You have to confirm each import action. No further data is read from your phone’s or tablet’s memory.

Settings and scores

This information e.g. your choice of language or categories, remain in a protected part of the Android memory, only accessible for the Vortoserc app. These data are yours and will never be shared and also not analysed by the Vortoserc app e.g. for targeted advertising.

No tracking

Vortoserc does not record when, where and how you use this word find puzzle app. Also, crashes or other malfunctions are not recorded. Therefore it is important if you report errors, if your Android device asks you to do so.

You can also send an e-mail to Prosults Studio, if you have a question or suggestion for improvement. Our mail address can be found on the app page in the Google Play store (which the link at the bottom of this page points to).  Or send us a message via the contact form of this website.

Both of these actions are completely your choice and if you choose to do so, you determine which information you share to improve this app.

Extra words

For endless word search puzzle fun with your own, unique, word find puzzles, you can add extra words to Vortoserc: unlimited and free of charge. This extension of the database is only accessible for the Vortoserc app, and not available to other apps on your Android device. These words are yours and will never be shared or analyzed, for any purpose.

The Vortoserc database is not encrypted and access to this database itself is not secured via a pin-code. In case your Android device is stolen and cracked, there is a chance that others eventually might get access to your own additional words. Therefore, it is advised not to attempt to make word search puzzles from your bank account numbers, passwords or equally sensitive data.

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