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Vortoserc supported languages

For endless word search puzzling fun, you can add your own words in your own language. This page shows which languages are supported and what Vortoserc language codes to use in the spreadsheet when uploading your own words to this unique and free Android game app.

Local language name

The Vortoserc database contains over 11,000 words in fifteen different langauages. These 15 languages are marked bold in the table below.

When installing this unique Android word search app, a default language code is chosen that best matches the settings of your Android device. You can easily solve word search puzzles in another language by changing this selection in the Preferences screen.

The selected language Vortoserc uses to create word search puzzles for you is displayed by its local name only: English (UK), Deutsh, Italiano, Pyccĸий etc. These are similar to the language names you will find in the Settings panel of your Android phone or tablet.

Import your own words

You can easily extend the collection of puzzle words in Vortoserc with your own, to get truly unique word search puzzles. Each new word must be labeled by a language code. In doing so, you are not limited to the Local name of the language of your choice. Any other code on the same row in the table below is valid, and will yield the same result when importing. For example with: en_US, English (United States) or us, you indicate that your new puzzle word must become visible by choosing the English (United States) in Vortoserc.

Your own language

Vortoserc only uses language codes to organize words in the database. There is no check if your word really exists in that language. So you can choose any language code below to create word search puzzles in your own regional language or dialect or a not yet support language like Croatian or Latvian. As the (optional) category you provide with each new word is free format, you have the option to record the name of the actual language of your words there.

Android language codeInternational name of languageLocal name of languageAlternative name VortosercShort code Vortoserc
af_ZAAfrikaansAfrikaansDutch (South Africa)af
id_IDIndonesianBahasa indonesia id
ca_ESCatalanCatalà ca
cs_CZCzechčeština cs
da_DKDanishDansk da
de_ATGerman (Austria)Deutsch (Österreich) at
de_LIGerman (Liechtenstein)Deutsch (Liechtenstein)  
de_CHGerman (Switzerland)Deutsch (Schweiz)  
en_AUEnglish (Australia)English (Australia) au
en_GBEnglish (UK)English (UK)Englishen
en_CAEnglish (Canada)English (Canada)  
en_INEnglish (India)English (India)  
en_IEEnglish (Ireland)English (Ireland) ir
en_NZEnglish (New Zealand)English (New Zealand) nz
en_SGEnglish (Singapore)English (Singapore)  
en_USEnglish (United States)English (United States) us
en_ZAEnglish (South Africa)English (South Africa)  
es_ESSpanishEspañol es
es_USSpanish (US)Español (Estados Unidos)  
fr_BEFrench (Belgium)Français (Belgique)  
fr_CAFrench (Canada)Français (Canada)  
fr_FRFrenchFrançais fr
fr_CHFrench (Switzerland)Français (Suisse)  
hr_HRCroatianHrvatski hr
it_ITItalianItaliano it
it_CHItalian (Switzerland)Italiano (Svizzera)  
lv_LVLatvianLatviešu lv
lt_LTLithuanianLietuvių lt
hu_HUHungarianMagyar my, hu
nl_BEDutch (Belgium)VlaamsNederlands (Vlaanderen), Nederlands (België),Flemishvl
nl_NLDutchNederlandsDutch (Netherlands)nl
nb_NONorwegian-BokmolNorsk bokmålNorwegian, Norskno
pl_PLPolishPolski pl
pt_BRPortuguese (Brazil)Português Brasileiro br
pt_PTPortuguesePortuguêsPortuguese (Portugal), Português (Portugal)pt
ro_RORomanianRomână ro
sk_SKSlovakSlovenčina sk
sl_SISlovenianSlovenščina sl
fi_FIFinnishSuomi fi
sv_SESwedishSvenska sv
vi_VNVietnameseTiếng Việt vi
tr_TRTurkishTϋrkçe tr
el_GRGreekΕλληνικά el
bg_BGBulgarianБългарски bg
ru_RURussianPyccĸий ru
zh_TWChinese (Taiwan)繁體中文  
tl_PHTagalogwikang tagalog  
ar_EGArabic (Egypt)العربية  
ar_ILArabic (Israel)العربية  
eo_EOEsperantoEsperanto eo
gd_GBGaelicGaelic (Scots)  
la_LALatinLatine la

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