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Vortoserc Word Search App

Vortoserc * is your most flexible word search puzzle app for Android:

  • Adjustable grid size and separate screen layout optimized for tablets.
  • Five levels of difficulty; you can hide letters and/or words for extra challenge.
  • Over 10,000 words from 15 languages; add as many extra words as you like via a simple spreadsheet
  • Endless word search puzzle fun: every grid is uniquely created for you.
  • Play and relax everywhere, as this app needs no internet connection.

Vortoserc introduction video

In only 25 seconds you experience what this unique word search puzzle game app offers:

Not yet enjoying endless Vortoserc word search puzzling fun?

Click below to get this free, unique and flexible word search puzzle game on your Android device.
* Vortoserc means “word search” in the universal Esperanto language.